audit-picHaving been through countless audits, I have found that most auditors are respectful and personable.  However, the occasional witch-hunt-minded auditor (they do exist) can turn your life into a living nightmare.  Understanding their human side can be as important as producing accurate records.  By applying both axiological and deontological ethical strategies I strive to anticipate 99.9 percent of what auditors look for; so you and your company are fully prepared.

On October 1, 2012 the Internal Revenue Service began an audit of Barton Business LLC’s 2010 taxes.  They asserted that my company could possibly owe an additional $6,700.00 in taxes and/or penalties.  After printing, copying and mailing well over 1,000 pages (yes, they require paper) of accurate records, by August 5, 2013 the net result was zero additional taxes.

On the other end of the spectrum, I started working for a client that had not reconciled any bank related accounts during their first ten years in business.  I don’t judge; I help!


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Tom Barton – Consultant and Owner