operatons-picBusiness operations include a wide range of services.  Here is just a sample of what I offer:

  • Management functions
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and data mining
  • Office, administrative and sales staff
  • One-on-one immersion and group training
  • Payroll solutions
  • Product manufacturing and costing
  • Price levels and channels unique to Washington
  • QuickBooks implementation and limitations
  • Compliance:  IRS, TTB, DOR, WSLCB, etc.
  • Forensic research
  • FASB and GAAP implementation
  • Pre-orders/futures
  • Double accounting standards and error checking
  • IRS required bookkeeping, record retention, and audit assistance

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have, send me an email, text or call.


Tom Barton – Consultant and Owner